They Gave Worlds to the World and the Mob Goes Wild


You know what they say:  You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and you’re apparently not allowed to please the Europeans ever.

At least that was the impression that many of got when we heard the news that the PDGA would be prying open America’s iron-clad grip on 2025’s biggest stage by sending the World Championships over to a rather deserving Finland.

“The tournament will be led by Jussi Meresmaa, the long-time TD of the European Open in Finland. It is set to be held at two courses: The Beast in Nokia (the usual home of the European Open) and the Tampere Disc Golf Center.

“’Bringing the PDGA World Championships to Finland has been my goal for over a decade,’ said Meresmaa in a statement. ‘To facilitate that, we have developed the European Open in Nokia as a premier annual Major event and created a new championship level course to Tampere. Combining those two has given us an opportunity to bid for the most prestigious disc golf event in the world. I can’t describe how excited and proud I am to be able to arrange the first ever PDGA Worlds in Europe. It is an honor.’”

Because it’s the off-season, (a concept that only really applies to those in northern climates), disc golf’s social media swine were quick to pounce on the news, tearing it limb from limb; gnawing and thrashing for whatever morsels of engagement they can find in these trying months.

To no one’s surprise, one of the the b-rate paparazzo from Virginia led the charge, somehow stirring up rather nasty dust cloud with a non-statement totally void of value:

I’ve seen Green Splatter content with more bite, and that’s saying something.


It’s almost as if the PDGA may have gotten it right, and that’s CODE RED for the influencers.  They can’t have things going well, otherwise there’d be nothing to bait their fans prey with.   But enough about brand of overcompensation for now.

The news of the first international World Championship in 36 years had a much warmer welcome in less desperate pastures.



Hell, even this lawdog was into it:


It would be foolish to think that the sheer brutality of Kristin Tattar’s last season, (on par with McBeth 2015 if you’re being honest with yourselves), wasn’t a looming piece of the decision-making process here.  You can’t deny that the best FPO player in the entire world at this moment, (and for a while now), isn’t American.  This, despite the non-controversy that the TeeMZ kids tried to fuel a few days back.



But I digress…

It feels right to have Tattar’s influence on the decision anyway.  This is no complaint, trust me.  It’s the “winner gets the game ball” sort of mentality.  The home field advantage.  And it could be one hell of a storybook, feel-good, homecoming career crescendo for the reigning FPO empress.  If the holy shot wasn’t enough for you, just wait until we get to those last few holes of Worlds ’25 in K-Dawg’s backyard.  Almost guaranteed to witness something magical, methinks.

And so here the point emerges:  PDGA Worlds in Europe is going to be great.  It’s probably going to be better than great, and we’re all going to be sitting around one day wondering if that’s the last great thing the PDGA will ever do.  We should be celebrating the fact that his toy sport is getting play this far away from where it all began.

Spirit Airlines somehow still $19 tho.