McBeth Destroyers: Buy or Sell?


paul mcbeth

Oh boy.  Silly season ended up being silly, all right, with Paul McBeth throwing deuces in the air and stepping away from the #1 manufacturer in the game.

We weren’t so surprised by this, although we’re still waiting to see if our wild guess on numbers and destination turn out to be true.

So now, what happens to all of the multitudes of McBeth-stamped, signature discs?  Was Innova smart enough to copyright “McPro”, knowing fully well that they wouldn’t be able to legally own “McBeth”?  I suppose we’ll find out soon enough on that front if the McPro Aviars keep coming off the Innova production line.

For the nerdscollectors out there, a lingering question remains:  What to do with your stock of speculative Star Destroyers and McPro Roc3’s?

According to Infinite Discs, you guys made a pretty huge dent in their inventory yesterday, at least in terms of Destroyers:

paul mcbeth
It’s like watching gamblers trying to get their fix at a little league game.

So does this really mean that the gouge is officially on for McBeth-stamped stuff?  Not necessarily, if you take a cursory look at Ebay, where plenty of value-priced Star Destroyers bearing the 4-time world champ’s name still exist.  Either the news hasn’t gotten to the amateur disc dealers over at Ebay, or we haven’t found ourselves far enough removed from the gargantuan announcement for the market to have been affected.

I’d love to take a look at historical trends for this sort of thing, but I don’t know that we’ll find a precedent to examine…certainly not in disc golf, and using something like basketball or even ball golf wouldn’t provide us with the sort culturally-nuanced trends we’d need to make a case one way or another.

Sure, it would be nice if the *DS pile I have turns out be worth beaucoup bucks someday, but for me, they fly too well to stay cooped up in some closet or basement.  Trying to appreciate the value of a massive disc collection is like trying to perceive the power and grace of an eagle at the zoo – it takes for more imagination than it’s worth.

This guy’s pretty majestic though.