#1:  Cross-Promotional Real Estate:

We all know that frustration of looking at the map of a proposed course popping up in your area and thinking, “man, they really crammed that fucker in there didn’t they?”.

You can already count the sleepless nights, scratching away at your chigger-stricken ankles.  The infuriating feeling of a perfect release annihilated by a lonely branch made of titanium pine.  You are already dreading that spike hyzer over the walking trail, and the flex forehand cutting the corner on the dog park.

How high is this dog right now?

And God forbid there’s a family reunion.  You know Granny is gonna sit that Buick right on the 14th goddamned tee pad on league night.

That’s close enough, Nissan.

But guess what?  Every time there’s a conversation or a confrontation, the gospel of disc golf is being spread, for better or worse.  This leads to opinions being formed and shared, and the next thing you know, we’re a household name.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity for frolfing at this stage in our sport’s development.

Take it from us; the guys with the pentagram logo.


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